In a magical faraway land lives a flock of carefree sheep, but their pastoral life is interrupted when a pack of wolves sets up camp in the nearby ravine.

While sheep are trying to figure out how to live side by side with their new neighbors, wolves are about the choose a successor to their retiring leader.

The pack's favorite, but hopeless goofball Grey takes on a challenge of proving to everyone, including his fiancee Bianca, that he is worth becoming a leader. However, he faces a slight mishap on the way: having taken the magic poison, he ends up in the body of a ... Ram!

Directed by:
  • Maxim Volkov, Andrey Galat
  • Alexandre Lessertisseur
Produced by:
  • Sergey Selyanov, Yuri Moskvin,
    Vladimir Nikolaev
Screenplay by:
  • Neil Landau, Vladimir Nikolaev, Maxim Volkov, Vadim Sveshnikov, Maxim Sveshnikov,
    Vlad Barbe, Sugar 1KG, Tikhon Kornev

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Sheep and Wolves New Trailer
Sheep and Wolves New Trailer
In a magical faraway land, in a picturesque little village nestled among green meadows and rolling hills, lives a flock of carefree sheep.
Sheep and Wolves Trailer
Sheep and Wolves Trailer
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Sheep and Wolves, 2015, english teaser
Sheep and Wolves, 2015, english teaser
Sheep and Wolves — new 3D animation feature based on original script.
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