In the sheep’s village, he has a reputation of being a bit of an oddball.

Don’t let his severe appearance deceive you – deep inside, Zico is quite good-natured. He is unquestionably the smartest and most knowledgeable ram of the entire flock. His personal library is so huge he needs an indexing system to catalogue all his books.

Zico is very suspicious in nature, always keeping his eye out for spies and enemies, but everything he does is for the benefit of the village and its inhabitants. Although he might seem a little bit unhinged, Zico is the first one to spot the sheep’s new neighbors – a whole pack of wolves! That’s when he takes his suspiciousness and discretion to new extremes.

Interesting facts about Ziko
  • “I'm too young to die! I don't even taste good! I eat too much garlic! Everyone always tells me how unappetizing I am!”
  • “This is all ve-e-ery suspicious.”
  • “Oh is that a fact? Curious...”
  • “I trust a wolf as far as I can throw one. Which isn't far in case you were wondering!”