Russian cartoon Sheep and Wolves nominated for ‘Asian Oscar’
18 october, 2016
Sheep and Wolves is going to compete in the Best Animated Feature Film category with such animated movies as Bilal (co-produced by the UAE and the USA) Manang Biring (Philippines), Seoul Station (the Republic of Korea), and Savva (the other Russian cartoon).
“We’re happy that Sheep and Wolves has entered the short list of such a prestigious competition as the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. This is already the second Asia Pacific Screen Academy nomination for our studio. Last year we also presented The Snow Queen 2 cartoon in Brisbane. This year even two Russian works have entered this nomination, which means that Russian cartoons are getting more and more popular abroad and their quality allows them to take part in prestigious awards events.  We’d also like to thank our partners – Universal Australia and Odin’s Eye Entertainment – who help the Australian audience to follow the adventures of our cartoons’ characters, beloved all over the world,” Yuri Moskvin, the managing producer of Wizart Animation, comments on the news about the nomination.
On November 24, 2016 we’re going to learn if Sheep and Wolves will become the winners of the Award. Yuri Moskvin, the managing producer of Wizart Animation, will present the Sheep and Wolves project at the 10th APSA ceremony in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia).

Wizart is a Russian company that specializes in the production of high-quality family animated feature films and TV shows, their distribution and promotion in the Russian and international markets. It is on the TOP 25 World’s Most Promising Animation Companies to Watch list according to the well-known Animation Magazine.
On January 1, 2017 The Snow Queen. Fire and Ice, the third movie in the franchise, enters the Russian market. It has a new character, named Rollan, who will accompany Gerda in her adventures. The first two movies of The Snow Queen franchise have been released in 130 countries.