Sheep and Wolves in the top three: a new victory of the Russian animation in the Eu-ropean box-office
13 october, 2016
Sheep and Wolves (translated into Bulgarian as A Sheep or a Wolf) opened on 34 Bulgarian screens on October 6 and took the third box-office position, blocked by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (FOX) and Storks (Warner Brothers) from the top spot.  
Emil Simeonov, the General Producer of the distribution company Profilms, told us about the suc-cess of the Russian cartoon: “We’re very happy to work with Wizart. After the two Snow Queen movies, we decided to carry out the distribution of our Russian colleagues’ new project as well. Sheep and Wolves cartoon is a qualified product that has very good animation and very optimistic characters – the children liked them a lot from the very beginning. We invited Bulgarian biggest stars to dub the movie, such as Raffi Boghosyan, Mihaela Fileva, Joanna Dragneva amd Nencho Balabanov. Their recognizable voices and active support also contributed to the cartoon’s populari-ty. We’re also looking forward to the third movie of the Snow Queen franchise release, which will take place in Bulgaria on January 7.”

“We’re sure that marketing activities also affect the movie success – our partners ProFilm managed to involve Vivacom, the country’s biggest telecommunications operator, and the international fast food chain KFC in the promotional campaign,” Yuri Moskvin, Wizart’s General Producer, says. “At the beginning of September there was released a special Bulgarian version of the augmented reality mobile application Sheep and Wolves. Besides, KFS started selling the children’s menu and the collection of glasses with the cartoon characters. Creative and unusual ways of the cartoon pro-motion don’t have to be expensive – our partners’ marketing budget didn’t suppose big expenses on the direct promotion. The creative cross-promotional activities with Vivacom and KFC helped Sheep and Wolves to achieve stunning results for an independent movie, starting from the very first days of the screenings. ProFilms prepared the scenario that allows the modern independent animati-on to attract audience and compete with the major companies on the local markets.”

Emil Simeonov added: “I’d like to emphasize that it means a huge success for both the Russian mo-tion picture industry in Bulgaria and for us as distributors. For the sake of comparison, Storks, its major competitor, opened on 63 screens. However, after the two weekend days, Sheep and Wolves’ earnings for a screen were higher. The Russian cartoon’s audience amounted to 7491 viewers, whereas the movie by Warner Brothers, which had more screenings, gathered 8138 viewers. We expect the total Sheep and Wolves box-office to reach €160 thousand. Independent animation pro-jects hardly ever exceed €55 thousand, while Wizart’s cartoon already earned €33 thousand for its first weekend.”

“We’d like to congratulate the producers of the project on its great results. Today Wizart is one of the major players on the national animation market.  This success in the Bulgarian box-office is another proof that the Russian cinema has improved in its quality and has a demand by a wide audience, including viewers abroad. Now the Sheep and Wolves sequel is in produc-tion; the sequel is supported by the Cinema Foundation as well. We sincerely hope that the next Sheep and Wolves movie will be successful as well,” says Anton Malyshev, the Cinema Foundation's Executive Director.

Sheep and Wolves’ premiere in Russia took place in April, 2016. The story about the adventures of the wolf called Grey was premiered in the Baltic countries, Romania, Mongolia and Turkey in April, too. The international distribution of the movie continued in September with a huge release in five countries of the Balkan Peninsula. In Croatia the movie earned $40 thousand for the first week-end, and the first week box-office of the Arabian Emirates was over $75 thousand. Before the end of the year, the movie will also be released in Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy.