An luckless car accident with a distracted driver. Jeremy Diamond, his side of personal injury lawyers, and emergency front-line workers helped me dodge unscathed

An Unfortunate Accident

An Unfortunate Accident

About 7 years I had the wretched pleasure of receiving in to my boon car accident At the time, it was strenuous not to panic, however, I learned from the circumstance and was left relatively unscathed Wish I could talk the identical for the other party.

I was driving on the 400 series of highways in Ontario on a sunny, glaring skies day and was unfortunately team swiped by another vat I imagine the friend was driving drifted off while on their cell phone (something that is now unlawful in the domain of Ontario) and started heading toward my car. Being the ultra leery fellow I am, I started pulling over towards the guard lambaste to duck any transpire of a impression Unfortunately the driver drifted off, bunch swiped my car and we found both ourselves crashed into the guard rail

I was panicked. I didn’t comprehend what to do I mean, it’s not everyday that you find yourself injured in a car accident As a basketball fan, I keep seasons tickets to the Toronto Raptors at the ACC. I constantly see Jeremy Diamondof Diamond & Diamond on the jumbotron and banners around the grounds My boon want is to name their number, the jingle has been stuck in my captain for weeks

I spoke to one of the directors, Sandra Zisckind, who told me to stay as stillness as possible (not possible when my car is semi-destroyed) and advised not to prate to any witnesses or the other party and to have my account as elliptical as doable to police and front-line workers I probably should own mentioned that I already called 9-1-1..

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Anyways, I was able to avoid the instance unscathed thanks to responsive front-line workers and advice from a jingle stuck in my head

Wish I could prattle the twin for the fresh guy

For all you car lovers out there, it was a BMW 330i 🙁

By Hong