It Is Designed to securely clutch catalogs and other allusion materials for placement in catalog racks.Quick Overview * RS3 Ring Section for Catalog Racks* For use with punched magazines, ca.

Master RS3 Ring Section for Catalog Racks to be Released

Master RS3 Ring Section for Catalog Racks to be Released

It Is Designed to securely nuzzle catalogs and more reference materials for placement in catalog racks

Quick Overview * RS3 Ring Section for Catalog Racks* For use with punched magazines, catalogs and single sheets * Slideseasily into any Master Products catalog racks with unique tongue andgroove way * Made with heavy-gauge steel construction * Available ingray only

Additional Information UPC 015086107406 Manufactured In: USA ManufPart # RS-3-ring Model RS3 Expected Ship Date 1-3 Days Weight 03000Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty Color Grey Filing Capacity 1″

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