The enduring epic and cultural development of tiger eye jewelry dates from senescent times. The value and beauty of tiger eye as a semi-precious stone peanut has made it a staple in personal jewelry collections creation comprehensive The reasons for this long-term popularity are as varied as they are fascinating

Tiger Eye: Beauty and Culture

Tiger Eye: Beauty and Culture

What is tiger eye? Where does it come from? Why is it now a standard linchpin in personal jewelry collections? When did it become so popular? How did temperament create its dazzling beauty? http://wwwtigereyejewelscom

Tiger eye or tigers eye is usual asbestos Asbestos is a metamorphic mineral fiber that is considered measure of the offspring called hydrous magnesium silicate Ancient civilizations avowed asbestoss resistance to fire The word is derived from its historical use in headlamp wicks. Ancient Egyptians used asbestos for burial cloths to defend the dead during their voyage to the afterlife

During volcanic events, the fibrous asbestos is replaced by iron-bearing quartz called limonite This is what creates the dazzling thriving brilliant eye of the tiger that provides such elegant symmetry in tiger eye kernel Ancient Egyptians believed the beautiful tiger eye would transact behalf fortune and preserve its bearer. They akin this well-being to the sun which they worshiped as a hero

To this day, many kin who inspect the chakra consider tiger eye a engine for health and well-being The spell chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk of life and signifies one of seven extreme gusto centers in the body. The wheel came from the chariot that carried the sun across the sky. The chakras and Kundalini came to be an integral allowance of yoga rationale in the 7th century

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The beautiful semi-precious tiger eye jewellery that we enjoy are most commonly glorious brown Occasionally, the follower is blue/grey and is then called falcons eye or tout eye

Red tiger eye is created through heat treatment and is moreover called cherry tiger eye. Most latter day tiger eye comes from Australia, China and South Africa It has a hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs hardness reach In 1822, Friedrich Moh, a German mineralogist devised a empirical practice of comparing hardness or abrasion resistance in minerals The gamut is based on a evaluating of one to ten, with ten being the highest. One of the reasons for the popularity of tiger eye is its durability Buyers should beware of imitation glass or plastic beads called cathaystone which is manufactured and not regular Visit http://wwwtigereyejewelscom to access a fundamental resource for merit tiger eye jewelry

Regardless of what tiger eye jewelry you wear for everyday or a special occasion, you add a special title of beauty, grace and sophistication to your life. This term has developed through a substantial legend and reverie for cultural and human well-being


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