Latest Fashion Trends From 2012 Astrologers and Designers

In rule to predict the trend of fashion trends, the Bureau uses a bludgeon of specialists in varying fields. And we, in astrology, method has its hold clear criteria by which we can make accurate predictions as system trends for the successive few years, and longer-term

Latest Fashion Trends From 2012 Astrologers and Designers

Latest Fashion Trends From 2012 Astrologers and Designers

Probably many leave be interested to perceive what the following yearfor designers Until March 2012 the planet do not affirmation birth of completelynew, attainable ideas Many designers prolong to look for inspiration in retrofashion. So I expedite to reassure our creators of fashion: if in 2011 you didnot effect successful collections, do not depression – the first is yet to come InJune 2012, Jupiter – the planet of “great happiness” commit be includedin the crest of Gemini, and tab a new stage in the work of designers who wereborn beneath melody signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

In 2012, Marc Jacobs entrust perpetuate its activities in linewith the traditional classics For John Galliano coming year entrust be lesssmooth Now he no longer entrust go away with upright violations But he was luckyat birth: Uranus trine to Saturn in his horoscope is an thorn of thelongevity of his manner inventions In this scenario, the designer can create”rarely, but neatly” Clothes Brand Betsey Johnson, which is differentcalling courage and irony, entrust be in demand by many people, issue in something andsoul. Stella McCartney in 2012, is likely to name constructive solutions aretoo complicated, which, however, consign be in demand by consumers


In the practice of the successive year leave be presented to abright chain age of Aries – optimism, brightness and transparency However, thedegree of openness in this situation refers to the skein of the garment. New (orwell-forgotten old) the twist of the maximum designated Neptune entered thesign of Pisces in 2011. The ridge of the crest on the human body – thefeet Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025. Does this mean that we willcarry a maximum of 14 years? Of circle not It is noticed that the firstoccurrence of the planet in the zodiac sign gives birth to the most criticaltrends, and then there are fresh adapted model Consequently, the lifetimemaximum – no supplementary than 1-2 years In grades Zac Posen, DKNY is now quitepractical suggestions.

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In mid-2011 there was “mirror” trend (reversaldesign to 180 degrees). All the interesting details of the product moved back(as in outerwear and underwear) Now the trend is losing its relevance

Trends in the 60s. torpid cited by many designers, but herethere is a cease in response to consumer demand Increases the deprivation for intensecolor combinations, creaky visual perception: red and grass-green, indigoand orange, magenta and brown This is reflected in the new stack forJulia Dalakian ModaMo.

Jupiter in Gemini (the image of the dual character of man) isthe “zone of generosity” for way experiments: in this case,shoulder girdle, wrist and ankle area. Therefore, variations in the lengthpants, sleeveless device of the bottom, as well as fur irons from thrust flouncesand footstraps on his trousers, socks with fur cuffs, knitted and leatherleggings, shoe laths emphasize this style trend

Similar offers we find in Moschino, Alena Ahmadullina Theboundaries of gender differences in apparel will become even less visibleFrill (originally male device of clothing), and bows, bright colors, complexpatterns, heels will be widely distributed in menswear However, this does notmean a new flowering of metrosexuals Uranus in Aries helps fairly adequateexpression of masculinity

codpiece in a holster from Christopher Dekarnena (CristopherDecarnin)

A term of the exuberance of women’s waist. Now basque,waist-belt, desire darts at the waist and hips laudable afafir with this assignment Butmore and more, ie under In the 2012-2013 year, Saturn is in Scorpio, andemphasizes the “zone of sex.” In the women’s garb is expressed ina shift of the composite center for the province under the waist – of course, asocially acceptable form. Skirt and dress, cutting through the waist, acquiresan more temptation by wedges, sections, complicated tailoring coquette,simulating a cummerbund for stockings, etc This trend in sporadic wear correctlyimplements the Vera Wang.

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In menswear emphasis on codpiece with lacing, studs andleather finishing seams Codpiece as holsters offered Christopher Dekarnen(Cristopher Decarnin), a obsolete creative boss of the House of Balmain, backin 2009, but then the notion was premature And now – fair right.

Over the successive three years developing popularity of knittedfabrics, including in outerwear Knitwear is extraordinary advantage for draperies andplaying with unbalanced volumes at the hips and shoulders Patterns have gaineda new depth and 3-dimensional volume. Often used as a lining in reptile skinblue, raw and crimson


In the explanation forms of modern footwear there is a cleardivision on the sock and heel pieces that are connected by straps, webbed,textile inserts

To make shoes additional often used material materials (textilesrefers to the emblem of Gemini). Mercury, the ruler of this sign, the superstar oftrade and brokering deals, portrayed the winged sandals No, we do not sew thewings to fashionable shoes But now the back of the shoe seemed to hover abovethe ground, with no wilful help underneath your feet. This prompt offers us a UnitedNude

Saturn in its transit traffic by Zodiac says differentheight heel. At the 2012-2013 year, I predict not only gigantic heels in women, butalso in men’s shoes

In October, 2012 Saturn moves into Scorpio It is a crest ofwoman’s nature, tending to some excesses in terms of their characteristics Andnow the shoe manner experimental evolution toward a fresh feminine silhouette: ovaland round capes shoes, gangling bows and a sweeping stable heel. Most often usedluxurious materials (colored satin, decorated with lace), and precious stonesAlso visible more feminine gloss of the myriad and hiking boots


In the year 2012 entrust be extremely germane gloves with anextended flare, gloves, mitts, with arrest mount for hands (again topic ofGemini and the sill of the sign – hands)

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Uranus in Aries (the overhang of the figure Aries – head)over the successive 7 years leave carry a stockpile of hairstyles and headdresses Let’s goback 84 years ago – in 1928, according to the circuit of Uranus At the time,wore trivial hats currents. They remind us of glamorous film stars images of abygone era Removable hood with fur trim furthermore clarify this Trends

We used to imagine that a woman’s bag – the perfect inventionfor placing necessary items Men lift to evenly limit the things in mypockets, that does not always look good. German designer Dane Jewell (DayneJewell) has found an interesting solution to the dispute by inventing the holsterY01. Mobile phone, keys, phone, cigarettes, lighter, bays card, wallet withcash, headphones and Colt45 – all this calmly in an eccentric dovetail holster


In 2011 we celebrate the incredible development ofcorrective drawers and the emergence of fundamentally new korsetterii. Plutois besides chrgeable for the application of new technologies Modern women’scorset like a spaceship In one body focused new materials with differentfunctions: flexibility, support, decrease the volume, heat and anti-celluliteeffect Stressful aspect of Saturn to Pluto is reflected in the marking of thewaist overburdened by zavyazok, lace, crossed elements. With the entry ofSaturn in Scorpio experiments with burrow and form of lingerie is not overIn the term from October 2012 until the latter of 2014 we expect a moreharmonious patterns, combined a redoubtable thesis of eroticism The body of ourdesire to become a front of retro glamor, with deep intrigue and sexuality,telling us his information of temptation

Such models already offers a laundry docket Ritratti

But let’s not forget that, ultimately, the consumer decideseverything. On his preference depends on whether or not worn a particular model

I reverie you all a successful and modern New Year!

By Hong