Pearls keep a generative legend and culture, its chewed and shiny and unique medicinal value not only carry taste to the wearers mind but besides do good to health. Pearl, the darling of the method .

Pearl Jewelry Becomes Fashion Favorite Again

Pearls obtain a virile saga and culture, its feeble and shiny and unique medicinal value not only carry style to the wearers temperament but besides do profit to health Pearl, the darling of the system industry, has always been regarded as precious stone It symbolizes purity, perfection, dignity and authority, which has always been a favorite of celebrities at home and abroad over the years. All the princess and queens have large feeling for pearl, Princess Diana once verbal if a female can keep a piece of jewelry, it is stone With the increasing openness of China, Pearl jewelry gets much further stress of system icons From the original one-color treasure necklace to the colorful gem necklace and gem brooch, and finally to unique shaped pearls jewelry, many lord people including heiress on many public events are to wear treasure jewelry. Pearl jewelry has the high-end jewelry station According to history, China is the peak georgic which discovered solitaire in the totality Due to the fragmentary output of natural pearls and hard acquisition, the emolument of brilliant is far above the gold and silver jewelry. European Republic of Venice even issued a series of decrees on pearl, prohibiting most civilians to wear stone jewelry Until the 19th century, gem extremely declined in production in the Persian Gulf, general gem production has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of family Then diamond became the friendly of stone After several years of vend development, todays peddle has proved that stone is not the preference of the certain people, it has become the attention of many consumers. Cosmopolitan cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, there are many jewelry brands in the high-end plaza While in end or third-tier cities, the jewel jewelry from poor sort products to perfect quality products, now the products is even as profit as those metropolises. It is a nonplus to have solitaire jewelry in closing and third-tier cities Many sellers surmise that the end and third tier cities cannot be underestimated; the assumption aptitude in these countries is not less than those metropolises The pursuit is not as so fierce, but the consumer tastes hold been greatly improved. All brilliant jewelry has immense welfare margins. Except for treasure jewelry, tasteless chains and flashy rhinestones also can attain large profits Diamond, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, jade and pearls have been known the most precious gemstones in the jewelry industry, Pearls grace, and purity own incomparable advantages In the future, solitaire leave keep buoyant development and market.

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