The two and half hour terror flick directed by Vikram Kumar published forhis award winning concise film- “Silent Scream”, tries extraordinary tiring to losethe expected clich s in a Bollywood movie of this genre but succeedsonly partially. Instead of abandoned bungalows or scary connections 13 B usesthe idiot basket aka the television as the medium of trepidation transmission(does The Ring orb a bell to some extent?)

The dead seek revenge

13B Genre- Horror, Cast-R Madhavan, Neetu Chandra, Sachin Khedekar, Murle Sharma, Poonam Dhillon Director- Vikram Kumar The information unfolds with a progeny of eight motility into a plush newapartment purchased by the two brothers via a 20 year loan. Exciting asit perhaps for the family, soon the younger prior played by R.Madhavan, discovers that queer and odd events own occurring inthe new apartment- messed up milk and impossible to hammer in a nailfor mounting pictures of God Worse still, is the reality that theseevents follow identically as depicted in a new television soap closelyfollowed by the women at home, yet as one can expect, none ordinance thisfact, save Madhavan. Knowing that leaving the dwelling would be a fiscal suicide for hisfamily, Madhavan decides to own tranquillity about these mishaps and seeksthe help of his police officer individual to unravel the secrecy Madhavan plays his role well and is simply supported by the innocentwife played by Neetu Chandra The complete hurl has stuck to their partsbut major chunk of the matter is carried by Madhavan Though the filmmarches forward in profit march for its two and half hours , are songsreally a necessity here? Shedding some aspects like a womans blood curling scream,( whichdamages the ear drums other than scaring audience), dusty and isolatedmansions, chanting of mantras unknown to the normal man, darksurroundings, creaking doors and windows , instead using a technologyas a medium of horror, 13 B bravely tows Bollywoods Horror kimd intothe 21stcentury As to its title- 13B clinging to the accepted numberof offbeat and impurity happenings: one can only be so brave Despite the crews advantage efforts some places are fresh humorous thanscary Madhavan and his police officer individual vocation the women tofind out what chance in the soap! The synopsis unfortunately is predictableand therein lays 13Bs blunder to make it to the first slot. With its few chills and some twists 13B somehow manages to be includedin the Horror rung a not so horrifying hysteria flick

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